05 The Exuberance of yang (vital function) of the liver


At the later stage of hepatophilic viral disease, the common consequence of the exuberance of yang (vital function) of the liver would be :

(i)      The deficiency of yin (vital essence) of liver & kidneys;

(ii)     The exuberance of yang due to deficiency of yin; and

(iii)    The deficiency of both yin and yang.

The deficiency of yin (vital essence) of the liver and kidney

It is a morbid condition typically marked by the following symptoms : heat sensation in the chest, palms and soles, dizziness, tinnitus, impairment of hearing, insomnia, palpitation, aching of the loins and weakness of the knees and legs, red and dry tongue with scanty or no coating, dry throat and mouth, swollen and tender gum, reddened tongue with little coating or even cracks, halitosis, ulcer of mucous membrane, dull color of the hair, dull face, thready and rapid pulse.


The exuberance of yang due to the deficiency of yin

It is a morbid condition which incorporate the symptoms of deficiency of yin and the exuberance of yang of the liver.


The deficiency of yin and yang

It is a morbid condition built on the basis of the first condition – the deficiency of yin (vital essence)of the liver and kidney as a result of lost of treatment in time or not taking continuous care of the liver (for example taking anti-liver drugs, alcoholic drinks, infection, or other course of treatment) which increase the mal-functioning of the liver and further the development of liver disease.  Clinically, patients are found to have symptoms of both the deficiency of yin and yang of the liver and kidney.  In addition to that, patients would increase in weight within a short period of time, known as edema, which can be easily seen on the face, lower limbs, and marked by tiredness, short of breath, somnolence, aching all over the body and the loins (e.g. bony spur, stubborn pain around the waist, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporostic arthritis).  For some serious cases, patients would have difficulty in walking, urine at night, impotence, tongue substance is soft and plump and marked with teeth prints around the border, shedding of loose teeth, thin and heavy pulse.


Patients with poor functioning of the heart and lungs may even have “black jaundice”, with dark face, skin colour and colour pigment at the forelimbs (for the elder, it is known as “senile plaques” and would increase and grow in size).

Such situation would then progress to cirrhosis and even liver cancer later.

(translated in February 2002)