Editor’s Message

Dr. WONG Kwok Hung

       This website was launch in 2000 and by 1st July 2004, there was over 60,000 visitors and  We have been receiving emails from all over the world, among these most of which are seeking advice and consultation for themselves and  their beloved ones.   The effect of the website is in deed very  encouraging.  We wish to share our views through the website and upload  articles on topics relating to the day-to-day symptoms and diseases arising from the infection of the “Hepatophilic virus”.  In deed, this website is only an reflection of the past years our clinical experience and to a great extent represents a partial  viewpoint which could only serve as a point of reference.

According to our clinical practices, we hold the following point of view, that is  :
1.    Hepatophilic virus is the source of many diseases;
2.  At present, traditional Chinese medicinal treatment on hepatophilic virus diseases is the most effective method.

Hong Kong TCM Formulations Research Centre on Hepatophilic Disease was set up in September 1998 with an aim to promote the understanding on hepatophilic virus diseases.   We shall continue to explore the ways of  traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment on hepatophilic virus diseases and to improve the clinical results by using different formulations of Chinese medicines as well as to work on the possibilities of establishing a Clinic on web for treating hepatophilic virus diseases.

At present, we have a total of over 10,000 records of patients and we believe this is only a tip of the iceberg on the infection of  hepatoplic virual disease.  We wish to take this opportunity to share our views with you and hopefully to build our understanding on the disease.

TCM showed effective clinically results.

In fact, a lot of research studies on virus revealed that more than 70% chronic infections were caused by virus.  At present, there are more than seven categories of viral hepatitis.   Man are involuntarily and continuously infected by different types of hepatophilic viruses which caused either chronic and acute viral hepatitis.  Once these hepatophilic viruses infected the body, they gradually attacked the human body and caused malfunctioning of various body mechanism, which brought about various diseases at different stages.

Clinically, many common and recurrent disease are the closely related with hepatophilic virus.  Therefore it is only when we recognize the existence of hepatophilic virus diseases, then preventive measures can be taken to stop the functioning of the liver from deteriorating.  Then, we can treat diseases “from the fundamental” and eventually cure different types of  recurrent and chronic diseases infected by hepatophilic viruses and keep ourselves in healthy state.    Over the past ten years or more, modern medical profession has recognized the incorrect concept that virus can only cause acute infection. In other words, virus can also cause chronic infection and that the effect of infection may sometimes be more serious than that caused by bacteria.

Chinese medicine holds the “concept of wholism” and this view is further explained and applied in the classification of chronic hepatitis by Chinese medical methodology.   It helps to demonstrate and explain different clinical manifestations caused by  hepatophilic virus diseases and their relationship with the body systematically.   Some people believed that viral diseases cannot be cured and even give up or delay treatment.  In fact, according to our clinical  practice, we found that virus diseases can be kept under control and the clinical symptoms can be cured accordingly.

Over the past 20 years of clinical practice, we noted that traditional Chinese medicinal treatment towards hepatophilic virus diseases is an effective way of treatment and it is more than facts.  We have summarized the current 4000 cases which were diagnosed as hepatophilic virus patients with abnormal liver margin.  We have undertaken preliminary observation and made conclusion.  We wish to introduce the more important points of view to you  in a systematic manner and to share with you our findings in this website – the preventive measures on hepatophilic virus diseases and the facts that by using the common and low cost traditional Chinese medicines,
patients can be cured clinically.

Perhaps, Chinese medicines would become the “secret recipe” to maintain our health and to safeguard ourselves from aging.  As this is the first time we launch our website and introduce to you information regarding hepatophilic virus diseases,  we look forward to hearing from you your precious comments for future improvement.

We are most grateful for comments and ideas from you.