About us

huangguoxiongHong Kong TCM Formulations Research Centre on Hepatophilic Virus Disease (formerly known as “Hong Kong Hepatitis Chinese Medicinal Formulations Research Centre”) (“HKHepCtr”) was established in September 1998 with an aim to introduce the findings,  research and development on Hepatophilic virus diseases and the effective treatment by using traditional Chinese medicine.

Our Basic Theory

The Centre has been pursuing in the research and development of using Chinese medicines in curing chronic hepatitis.  In September 2000, we finished a clinical study on 2000 hepatitis cases and concluded a preliminary study with two distinctive remarks:-

1.   Hepatophilic virus is probably the causes of many diseases.   In clinical examination, numerous common and frequently recurring diseases are in fact caused by hepatophilic viruses which lead to clinical symptoms of latent hepatitis and even forming the main cause of aging and death.

2.   It is necessary to cure the fundamental and that the liver is the basis for treatment and it holds true in our clinical observation.   In fact, hepatophilic virus has typical clinical symptoms.  Only when apply the traditional Chinese medical theory to classify these hepatophilic diseases into clinical classifications, can we then fully explain the excellent effect of using traditional Chinese medicines (“TCM”) to cure the diseases.

According to Chinese medical theory, “the concept of the organism as a whole”  is true and correct.  He explained that during his clinical observations, patients went through different typical stages : from the  preliminary to the advanced, from the superficial to the deeper stages.   Concluding from the 2000 cases, we found out the ways of curing hepatophilic diseases by using TCM combined formula.  As we believe systemic treatment in using TCM, the clinical symptoms of the patients were cured and which in turn, other relevant diseases relating to different parts of the body system also received effective treatment.

Our Goal

HKHepCtr was established with short term and long term goals aiming to introduce our understanding of Hepatophilic virus diseases.
Short Term Goal

  • to establish web site on “Hepatophilic Viral diseases”  and to promote such concept and to help people to aware its importance and the significance of hepatophilic viral diseases.
  • to study on the possibilities of producing an equipment capable to check the lower liver margin and can detach the correct liver boundary.   Such an equipment will help to substitute for percussion examination currently practised by western doctors.  If possible, we wish to produce and promote the use of such equipment so that people are more aware of hepatophilic virus diseases.
  • to research on the modernization of TCM, to promote the TCM soup using combined formulations.
  • to manufacture modernized TCM and its series which are effective TCM of eliminating the virus in the body.  These products will be suitable for different patients with various classification having different symptoms.
  • to establish internet purchasing network for people who wish to try our products, particularly people outside Hong Kong.Long Term Goal

    to study and research on the relationship between hepatophilic virus diseases and common recurring diseases from the point of view of traditional and modern medicine – viral hepatitis and its clinical development.

  • to study and review  different formulations of the products on the basis of modernization of TCM.
  • to promote the use of TCM and its clinical research and application on viral diseases.
  • to establish a ” Web Hep Clinic” giving advice and services to members and those in need.
  • to conduct training classes on topic like “Hepatophilic viral disease”, to give training courses to both doctors and Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and to open specific clinic for treatment.