Edible swallow nest in syrup series


  • Edible swallow nest one liang or 7-8 grams,
  • crystal sugar half jin or 60 grams,

Method of cooking:

  1. Let edible swallow nest spread out in boiling water for 3 times, 20 minutes in one time. Pick out and discard tiny hairs. Rinse and let water dry out.
  2. Put the dried edible swallow nest into a stewing pot, add crystal sugar and 250 ml of boiling water. Stew it for 2 hours to become viscous congee (concentrated edible swallow nest thick soup).
  3. When cooled, put into refrigerator for eating at any time. Because crystal sugar had high concentration, it is not likely to deteriorate and ferment and can be stored for a long period.
  4. The way of eating can be slightly altered and a series of sweet refreshments can be made. It is suitable for a family of elderly and youngsters, and it consists of nutritious ingredient and supplementation for facial beauty.


Edible swallow nest is sweet and slightly salty in taste and moderate in character; it nourishes yin, promotes generation of body fluid, strengthens spleen and stomache, decreases phlegm, stops coughing and replenishes lung as well as kidney system.

Suitableness :

It treats deficiency and replenishes facial beauty, suitable for those with weak constitution and requiring convalescent supplementation. It is especially suitable for females with hepatic edema to “keep fit” because this series provides high protein and low calorie food.

  1. Take three tablespoons of aforementioned concentrated edible swallow nest and add equal amount of water into a bowl.
  2. Heat it using microwave until the swallow nest float, then add some milk (or condensed milk) when eating.